Not into Social Media? My Blog wants to connect with you, right here , right now…

Here we go… Yes, I have all the Social Media links, but to be honest, how many are Avoiding those sites?!… I know I do not count on them for finding everything that interests me.. I mean, they feed it to you as their algorithm dictates, but I am outside that box… Many of my patrons and admittedly there are a quality few, are not on Social Media… They are people who have seen my work, seen how I work, know me and love what I do… So let’s get to know one another here on the Blog… Today I set up my first Gallery Grouping under Faces of Mother Nature… a Collection for 2020, and Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day… Please enter the Gallery at your leisure and let’s converse over these pieces and what they say to you…

What do my current patrons know about me that is not on Social Media?.. They know I have a 38 year history in the World of Healthcare, that my anesthesia techniques were done with creativity, and science mixed to have beautiful outcomes. I have the heart of a nurse, medical humor, and the educational devotion that rolled into a satisfying career. So if you are a bit put off by Social Media, well join the crowd, I know you are out there, I am here for you…

Published by Ann E. Mohan

I am an Artist and Life Time learner. My first career is done! Life is not a stagnant situation, thank Goodness. Visual Art is high priority for me in the forms of textiles, and acrylic painting, sometimes merged and often as stand alone artworks. Music inspires me, nature as well... The myriad of classes taken over many years has allowed me to this place, your place, let's get to know one another.

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