2020 Gallery

Available 720
Faces of Mother Earth #1

The first in the 2020 Collection Faces of Mother Earth… celebrating Earth Day 50 years

This is a striking textile, completely done with fibers and very and very minimal paints for depth.. Inspired by a photo of a Brazilian Jaguar in the bush, taken by a friend and Professional Photographer, Nancy Elwood of ‘Nature’s Portal’ (30.5″X24″)

… with permission

On Exhibit at Cider Press Cafe , St Pete, FL/ Available 675
Faces of Mother Earth #2

Utterly Organic, Inspired by 2 nature photos , merged in my mind and created on my Longarm machine with Intense Paints and Loads of Fibers and Stitching.. It is framed and behind basic glass. (25″ X32″)

Available 400
Faces of Mother Earth #2

A textile creation. Inspired by a Good Person…(26″ X32.5″)

Available 455
Faces of Mother Earth #4

One of my favorites, a NC Blacksmith portrait , painted with Intense Pencils and thread painted, with very light quilted background on hand painted fabric. (22.75″ X20″)

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